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And lo, the world is wrought...

Out of the void of chaos and nothingness four gods create the world…

The Four Gods

Man’uate tore the earth asunder along the southern coast of [insert world name]. Kalgaar then commanded the earth to rise in the eastern sea, thereby creating a tropical island. Utbris harnessed the energy of Man’uate’s earthquake and crafted a series of mountain ranges parallel to the Great Fissure. Baalrutaan wrought a snow-capped mountain in the southwest corner of [insert world name].

Man’uate channeled the great earthquake betwixt the dual mountain ranges on the southern coast, thereby crafting an inlet that extended far into the the center of [insert world name]. Kalgaar chose to recline his mighty form upon the fainting couch of the sky. Utbris, not content to rest and casting a disapproving eye upon the geriatric god KalgAAR(P), summoned a great forest in the center of [insert world name]. Baalrutaan extended his mighty snowcapped moutains, allowing them to dominate the southwestern corner of the continent.

Man’uate turned his attention to the western sea, bringing up three islands from the depths below. Unsatisfied, he further shaped the southeastern tip of the continent, creating swamplands. Kalgaar refined his tropical island, creating a vast forest upon it, and formed another island off the east coast. Utbris contrived a lengthy river, running inland from the northwest corner of [insert name here]. Baalrutaan carved out a great basin in the continent and allowed the primal rains to collect in a grand lake in the southwest. The fertility of the lake waters allowed a mighty forest to spring up along the western coast of the lake.

Man’uate, seeking to outdo Baalrutaan’s land-forming, dropped many tons of earth into a cavernous sinkhole. He also harnessed the icy winds of the north, thereby forming an arctic region along the north coast. Kalgaar took the form of a mighty crystal dragon. Utbris let loose the icy winds, channeling them south over a great frozen lake. The central forest was extended to the southeast. Baalrutaan extended the mighty Utbrissippi river into the southwest lake. Man’uate took on a physical form of unknowable shadow that permanently resides in the Great Sinkhole.

Along the mighty Utbrissippi, Man’uate wrought the Twin Peaks. Kalgaar summoned forth another island and the tropical climate of the island chain was extended. A great chunk of earth was raised into the sky by Utbris, forming a great arctic land moat, and the central forest grew still greater. Baalrutaan turned much of the west coast into a enormous desert, bereft of all fertility.

Man’uate cast a great bank of shadow over the sinkhole, making the entire area overcast and thundering in perpetuity. Kaalgar added still more islands (two) in the eastern sea. Utbris cast forth great rains, lasting indefinitely, and lush grasslands sprang up beneath them. Baalrutaan surrounded his southwestern lake with a great forest that extended nearly to the Great Desert.

Man’uate crafted a lake to capstone the massive southern inlet. Kaalgar chose to remain within his comfort zone and still more islands were created, a great archipelago was being formed. Utbris cast off a chunk of the continent in the north and a stretch of low-lying hills were formed between the central forest and the new coastline. Baalrutaan wrought a great cliffside in the southwest and huge banks of clouds hung low over the land.

Man’uate deposited a vast amount of gold in the mountains on the east coast of the central inlet. He also extended the arctic winds and ice along the northern coast. Kalgaar crafted a large volcano on one of his islands and concealed another in fog. Utbris brought forth a series of rivers all over the continent. Baalrutaan made the Mithril Mountain, located across the way from Snow Mountain.

Man’uate formed a race of cloud giants above the Great Sinkhole and a race of humans were placed near the gold deposits at the central inlet. Kalgaar summoned forth the Chrysalids and the Mooks (lizards), races made of crystal. Utbris placed halflings in the low-lying hills and created the Ice Orcs, whose civilization is located on the Frozen Lake. Baalrutaan raised forth the Dwarven kingdom of Snow Mountain next to the Mithril Mountain.

Man’uate brought forth elves, who were placed in the central forest. Kalgaar created an unnamed order, the Knights of the Crystal, known only to the Mooks and Chrysalids and placed a race of swamp goblins on the southeast coast. Utbris took the form of a living elemental land moat and created a bandit town of humans along the southern coast of the Frozen Lake. Baalrutaan imbued the trees around the southwest lake and river with life, creating ents.

Man’uate commanded the sky giants to build a Great Wall around the Giant Sinkhole and wrought a race of advanced Bugglegups. Kalgaar created a race of fire dragons. Utbris rested his weary self. Baalrutaan takes the form of a living mithril vein, whose is generous to the dwarves of Snow Mountain in return for their obedience.

Man’uate crafted a race of sand worms in the Great Desert and in the western islands and race of amphibious humanoids (the Azeri), whose influence reaches far below the waves, was raised. Kalgaar commands the Mooks, Chrysalids and Dragons to build three great crystal bridges to connect the eastern islands. Utbris forms a secret order of protectors that spans the continent, known only as the Ambassadors. Baalrutaan establishes a race of rock trolls that make their home under the clouds along the cliffs in the southwest.

Man’uate splits the southeastern portion of the continent off with a mighty comet that submerges the souther most tropical island and half of the main tropical island. Kalgaar takes advantage of the meteor storm and has one placed on a trajectory that thaws the entire Frozen Lake with its fiery impact. Utbris influences the orcs by establishing a sect of fringe priests devoted to the Great Sky Fire (meteor impact). Baalrutaan created a race of dark ents that live along the coast of the central lake, feeding on the Bugglegups.

Man’uate’s shadow avatar has had a corrupting influence on the sky giants near the Great Sinkhole and orders the creation of a Sky Giant Army to raid the surrounding areas. The elves in the central forest are the first to be attacked and the great conflict results in the creation of the Blasted Land, where nothing grows. Kalgaar guides the Mooks and Chrysalids in their efforts to develop war magic and then ordered the Knights of the Crystal to build a fortress. Utbris guides the humans as they venture towards the northeast, establishing two new cities along the way and offers advice on sky giant hunting which leads to the establishment of the Stormhammers. Baalrutaan consolidated metal ores and precious gems in the Glittering Mountain (the east most mountain on the southeast coast).

Man’uate commands the elves to create an academy for their wizard order in the northeast corner of the continent. The Azeri are guided by Man’uate towards the development of technology. Kalgaar commanded the Chrysalids to establish a colony on the southern coast on the west side of the inlet. Utbris created a secondary river, branching off of the large western river and commanded the halflings to found a city along. Baalrutaan guided the dwarves in the art of smithing, leading to their world renowned weaponry crafting.

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